team somerset | from the President's Desk

President's Message - Year in Review - 12/29/2017

Hope all are enjoying the holidays with family and friends and Happy New Year. 2017 was a very successful year for the team, and we also had special honors amongst us, while also continuing to maintain a very good financial structure based on our promotions, sponsors, and ongoing management of items. We successfully promoted four (4) NJ TT Cup time trials, all of which were a team effort and we received significant accolades for them from the cycling community. These will be back in 2018 on the following dates with much more detail to follow as the events get closer:

Thanks again for all who make this possible and we are, of course, thankful for all our sponsors that help us do what we do. I also want to personally thank those that helped make our junior program successful with time and effort, training, and look forward to us building upon that work in 2018. As juniors transition through the program and coaches also change, it can be a challenge, but it is time well spent and the efforts are greatly appreciated.

We had a shop transition this year when Efinger closed and Marc moved over to "Pops Bicycle Shop". Still supporting our team and we appreciate the partnership and look forward to 2018 - along with Castelli who helped the NJ TT Cup with prizes and jerseys. Additionally, we changed clothing vendors from Champion to our new Voler arrangement. We do also get ongoing support from John Landino and DRV to fill in as well with clothing needs so everyone has what they need. Both are quality vendors and partners.

Couple of important dates I would like to share are that the NJBA Banquet is going to be on Saturday, February 24. The place is not finalized, but I understand (from the NJBA Scheduling meeting) that it will be at a Brewery in Belmar with a 6 or 6:30 start time. That type of venue seems to work well for the cycling crowd. Additionally, Eric and Maggie have graciously agreed to host our annual team awards party again on Saturday, March 3. We usually do this around 5:00, but more information will also be available on that.

The National CX Championships are January 9-14 in Reno, Nevada. I have not yet heard if any of our team are going, but good luck to anyone who does register and make the trip. Since Nationals are moving back to December, there will be another CX National Event in December at Louisville, Ky. Driving distance for that one.

I will share all the accomplishments and our awards at our March event in terms of road, track, CX, MTB, so won't go into that in this message, but please plan to attend if you can as we are looking for a great turnout from the team, as well as our sponsors, juniors, parents, etc. It is always a great, fun time with awesome food and nice to catch up with each other after a long year.

You saw the communication from Larry that membership is up for 2018. Dottie and I have been working on updating our team membership for USAC and NJBA (not yet available). Additionally, I am sure that everyone saw the communications from USAC on license renewal for the year.

Lastly, we had a few tough injuries this year, which was a setback for our ability to function as a full team at some events and also side tracked individual accomplishments and lives. The positive is that all seem to be on the mend and looking forward to coming back strong in 2018. Additionally, our crowning moments for 2017 included Joe Saling both grabbing another National Championship in CX at Hartford, and recently was inducted into the Cycling Hall of Fame out in California at a phenomenal ceremony. Very special, and well deserved achievements. We are all also very proud of Noah Granigan for flying back from a stage race in Europe and winning the Tour of Somerville. Quite a special day indeed for rider and announcer.

With it being such as busy year and modern means of communication, we haven't had the "in person" meetings we had in the past. However, I am planning to have, first, a board meeting and then schedule some periodic gatherings for the team in 2018. While they won't be monthly, it does help to get together as a group outside of our ongoing email, Facebook and race communications.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and successful New Year and will see you soon!


President's Message - CX Year Summary - 11/20/2017

While east coast CX isn't quite complete, most racing and Series are wrapping up to give those headed for Reno some time to recover and prepare. Disappointing for me missing CX racing for the first time since 2006, but hoping things will come together for racing off-road CX next season in 2018. First comes the TT Cup in the spring.

Congratulations and thanks for all who raced from Team Somerset this year. Kudos to Matt Bruno for winning the MAC Elite category and placing 2nd in the NJBA Series. Frank Villani, as our rising young star, also won the 9-14 age group NJBA and placed 6th in the MAC for ages 13-14. Eric Schlauch had another amazing season finishing 3rd in the MAC and has also done 16 races already, winning and podium placings in Series outside of this area - i.e. New England, PA, Also, even after suffering a devastating injury (set of injuries) in October, Rick Anderson still finished 5th in the MAC after dominating it totally for the races he did, and 12th in the NJBA 50+. This follows a highly successful long road season for Rick as well.

Joe Felker and Andy Indeck also represented us well in both the 55+ MAC and 50+ NJ, highlighted by Joe's 15th placing overall in the MAC. Other contributions this year from Joe Saling in the 60+, Eric Neise in the 40+, Cat 4/5 and Harrison Redmond in the Juniors. Lastly, the team was 5th in the NJBA standings. With this crew back and some of our injured riders returning, we look forward to a successful 2018.

Good luck to all planning to attend Nats in Reno during January and also thanks to Joe Saling for his announcing work as well and Perry Andre for hopping in a race upon return from school this weekend.

If I missing anyone here or any information, please let me know and thanks for the efforts. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


President's Message - Post Flanders TT - Thanks - 8/12/2017

Four 2017 promotions scheduled and now in the books, and a successful season for Team Somerset. Made possible by the support of the full team. Today, specifically, it really was a coordinated effort. We were thrown a curve about 7-8 days ago that we had to change the climb for Flanders (heart and soul of it) as there was road paving being done. All worked flawlessly. In fact, many commented that they liked the new route better. Thanks so much to the quarterbacks of the course, Bob Peters and Joe Saling for helping to both work through the redesign, set-up and break down. In addition, both had marshal spots. Dottie Saling and Tracy Andre' were critical at registration, with prize delivery, finances, and Tracy also helped Joe sweep up the course material. The prizes, specifically, were a combination of the Castelli TT Cup sponsorship, POPs bike shop, and a few other residuals that we had.

Thanks also go out to John Andre for marshaling and also helping to get additional marshals, review the course, bring a canopy, etc. John has helped make our races come together, while juggling family, work, and junior development responsibilities. Bob Perlee helped me worked up the new flyer, web links, start lists, and results. He is amazing and really helps us to make things run smoothly without spending a ton of time trying to figure out spreadsheets, documents, etc. and we value his expertise.

In order today, we had:
Rod Murray - holder
Ken Drake - Whip
First Turn at Bartley - Andy Indeck, Herman Storms
Second Turn (new) at Naughright/Fairview - Frank Villani Sr and Jr,
Drakestown Left - John Andre, Pete Grahm
River Rd top - Bob Peters
River Rd bottom - Eric Schlauch, Bob Gebel
RR Tracks - Mike Redmond

Additionally, Betty brought her amazing array of goodies for the marshals as always.

Heartfelt thanks to all for the hard work this year, team work, and amazing coordination. These promotions do not happen without that. Still a lot of the race season left with the finish of road and Cyclocross coming. Best to everyone and will see you out there.


President's Message - Pre-Flanders TT + Thanks to all - 7/5/2017

Hope all enjoyed the long holiday weekend and summer is going well. Thanks, as well, for those who have reached out, been supportive, etc. as I worked my way back from really the first major bike injury I've had in my 12 years of racing. Patella is well along the road to recovery and I am riding the trainer, doing physical therapy and other things. Shortly, will do some outdoor riding and looking forward to enjoying the rides again for fun and planning for 2018. Amazing after 11 continuous years of full season racing to be off the bike for 8 weeks. It's a great team and never a question of why I joined many years ago and have been part of Somerset. Just a quick note of thanks.

Now, as we all know, there is one last team promotion for the season at Flanders, and we want it to be a good one. About 5-6 weeks out, but based on busy summer schedules, vacations, and a "non-junior category" event, I wanted to gauge support for the day. It is Saturday, August 12 and we will need the usual array of support at the parking area, start line, and marshals a long the way. Not quite as many as Somerset, but a decent amount to ensure safety and have this be a well run event.

If you are available that day, for a couple of hours in the morning, please let me know. I will sorely miss (LOL) climbing Naughright competitively this year. Seriously, it really is one of my favorite TTs. However, want to do the best job I can (and we can) promoting the TT and Garden State Cup event. In advance, appreciate your support and enjoy the rest of the summer.


President's Message - Great Day on the Circuit - Thank You All - 5/6/2017

Was a fantastic day at the Somerset Circuit TT. A near flawless event and thanks to the team for that. Weather held out nicely and our new parking/registration area at Holland Brook School seemed to work out extremely well. With all the preparation and support, you just let the event unfold and it runs itself. Results are currently being posted at USAC and on our website. It was a great 10th anniversary of the TT event.

Our officials and timers helped keep us on track and getting results quickly and on a running basis made the process of prizes and communications much easier. Thanks very much for Tracy Andre and my wife Fran helping me with prize organization and delivery.. Tracy was also a marshal and Fran worked registration and helped with a myriad of other tasks as I just could not walk a lot with the crutches and knee brace. Much appreciated. The lion's share of thanks go to Joe and Dottie Saling as always. Almost too many tasks to mention, but the laundry list includes help with preparation of prizes, paperwork, treasury items, running for results, helping at registration etc. In addition Joe took all the course equipment and set up the course with John Andre and packed it all back. He was the quarterback on the course while we were at the registration area - reviewing things, combing the course getting us results, etc. Can't thank those two enough. John and Tracy were also martials at one of the tough spots no less. John helped recruit marshals and also helped the juniors pre-ride the course. Many thanks to the Saling's and the Andre's.

In order of help from the start (thank you all) we had Rod Murray as the holder and Ken Drake as the Whip. So much appreciation to Kenny coming after his extremely busy and stressful week and we are all very supportive of him, Jill, and family. First turn, and a tough spot, had the Andre's, Herman Storms, and Matt Bruno. Marc Perreault at Sunset View, Eric Schlauch at Old York, Frank Villani, at Craig, and Scott Breed at Pleasant Run. Scott also helped us by bringing a canopy. Pieter D and Ben Jogodnik at Cole Rd and Maria and Greg Schutske along with Pat Gellineau at the famous bridge turn. Lastly, Bob Peters and Rand Jerris at the final turn on to Roosevelt.

As always, Betty Tyrell brought an arsenal of food, drink, goodie backs, donuts, bagels, coffee, etc. Thanks so much for that. In addition, Bob Perlee did his usual stellar job with helping me with the event flyer, start lists, results, etc. at our website and for riders. All done lightning fast.

Well, our spring promotions, all three of them, are in the books as of Kentucky Derby day and can't say thanks enough to all for making this possible. Our last event is Flanders in August, but we'll take a breath and get ready for that in a little bit.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck to any racing at tomorrow's NJ Criterium Championships.


President's Message - Somerset Circuit Support for May 6 - 4/25/2017

Hope all are doing well and I want to continue to say thanks for all the help the team has shown for our events. Cape May and Allamuchy were big successes and the latter was the biggest attendance by far in the history of that race. As the weather is warming, we have one more spring TT and on our home course in Readington. I got a nice wave of volunteers already, but still will need a few more marshals as the route is very labor intensive with all the turns. We take pride in doing the best we can to make these courses organized and safe. If you are able to come out for a couple of hours to help on May 6, it would be awesome. I am including here those who have already agreed to help (just confirming as well). The additional marshals will serve us well. Once I know a final list, I can confirm spots next week. Look forward to seeing everyone there next weekend. Joe and I are putting together all the of the details and organization this year as Brian is unavailable and away. So far, I have:
Rod Murray
Ken Drake
Eric Schlauch
Patrick Gellineau
Herman Storms
Scott Breed
Frank Villani
Marc Perreault
Ben Jogodonik

Thanks again and have a great week and will see some of you at High Point or BLP this coming weekend.


President's Message - Allamuchy Note of Thanks - 4/16/2017

Now that the 2017 Allamuchy Time Trial is in the books and results done and posted via BM Velo and Bob Perlee, just wanted to send a note of thanks to the team. Another amazing effort from Team Somerset and successful promotion. A couple of these now within a single week. These would not be possible without the dedication of many and continued support.

Races do not happen in a week as the planning starts over the winter. I want to thank Bob Peters for his continued dedication to reviewing and refining the course, as well as keeping me posted on the road status. Bob, additionally, helped with set up, clean up, storage of items for the race, and marshaled a corner today. His partner was Darco Goral, who came out to help Somerset in need of additional marshals. As you started your race, Ken Drake, as always did a superb job as the Whip getting riders to the start and in order. Rod Murray is a "rock" as the holder and has been so supportive coming out to each of our races to help in a key spot. As the first turn on "Shades of Death" road we had Greg and Maria Schutske. They, as well, have been a real staple at most of our races marshaling. Thanks so much.

Tracy Andre and Frank Villani did a super job at the turnaround. Done flawlessly. Tracy also helped at registration and also helped me sort out and hand out prizes. No small task. At the final left turn, Joe Saling and Scott Breed played a key role in a tough spot. All were supported by the State Police. Scott has, additionally, continued to come out and help us at each event along with Frank Villani. Betty Tyrell brought her usual array of goodies for the marshals and State Police, and many others and was also at registration area. What would a Somerset race be without Betty.

As Joe mentioned I was a "right hand" at Cape May, he did that (and more) for Allamuchy. Race item storage, setting up the course, advising on prizes, marshaling, and the list goes on and on. These races would not be possible without Joe and also Dottie Saling. Today, Dottie, in addition to performing the Treasurer tasks and paperwork for the officials helped at registration, help the fort during the race and also advised on a # of matters and helped Joe with things, even while both have been under the weather.

As a second right hand, or a left hand, John Andre was a key recruiter of marshals, coach and guide for the juniors, and played a key role near the start and registration as well. John has been my sounding board on many items and also came up to ride with me, Bob Peters, and the mayor of Allamuchy. For personal and business reasons the mayor was unable to come to the race today, but we connected afterwards to discuss the event and also will partner in the future. Allamuchy and Warren County have been supportive to us and we want to continue that relationship.

We had 187 riders, which was a high for this event and 23 more than the we had in 2016. Shout out to Castelli who helped us with sponsor prizes at no cost for all the ladies categories, juniors and Cat 4-5 men. Marc Cianfrone and "Pops Bicycle Shop" went out of their way this week to help us secure prizes for the remaining categories and cover those same categories for the Somerset Circuit TT on May 6.

On the topic of Somerset Circuit, many of today's marshals expressed support and interest to help on May 6 and that is much appreciated. It is our last spring event and the most labor intensive in terms of marshal needs. However, today was all about Allamuchy and thanks so much for coming together and showing why this is such a great team.


President's Message - Help Needed for Promotions - 3/27/2017

Well, spring has been hit or miss, but, hopefully, we'll settle into some warm weather soon. Hope all are doing well and we are about ready for the start of the NJ racing Cup seasons. Some good spring racing in the books and now ready to tackle the Time Trial, Garden State, Cat 3, Women's Cat 4, and newly refurbished (and revised) U19 Cup. Amongst the April/May events are Somerset's own Cape May, Allamuchy, and Somerset Circuit TT events. We are in need of volunteers to marshal and help out at these races. Joe Saling and I are very busy getting things ready to ensure all the right paperwork, prizes, equipment, set-up, etc. Always a big task and we appreciate everyone's help in making our events safe and a success to the TT Community.

Our biggest needs for people are at Allamuchy on April 15 and Somerset on May 6. Joe will communicate any needs for Cape May. Not the quantity needed there due to the course set up, but help is always appreciated. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are able to help on April 15, which is the first of our larger local events. Thus far, I only have registration covered, the holder, and a couple of marshals, so do need some additional people. I plan to reach out to some of my prior year helpers, but wanted to email the team first as the race is 3 weeks away (time flies along once the spring comes). Allamuchy and Somerset are Junior events (and I believe in the U19 Cup) so help from parents is also very appreciated.

Again, thanks for the help. Also, please look out for communication from Robert on our new clothing order through Voler. Hope to see everyone soon and at the races.


President's Message - Spring Team Somerset Promotions - 3/7/2017

Well, though unpredictable weather some of these weekends, spring is almost upon us and the Spring Series races have already started. Our own Cape May TT is about a month away. Joe Saling will be communicating on that event based on our resource needs. The race is April 9 down at the Cape May Zoo as always. As we are about 6 weeks to Allamuchy TT (April 15 Tax Day, day before Easter) and Somerset Circuit TT (May 6), I would like to reach out early for your support as a volunteer. Those events are Circuit TTs, so the quantity of marshals and support is greater - in particular the Somerset Circuit - our local race.

As always, support is appreciated, extra bonus points, and, of course goodies supplied. For those who can help on those days, please let me know. Commitment is as short as we can make it - usually arrival around 7:15 and the race ends 9:30ish. Bob, if you can also set up volunteer/marshal support on our Web page, would be appreciated. And, of course, would love the support of junior parents. All of our spring events are in the TT Cup and Allamuchy and the Somerset Circuit are also in the revived U19 Cup this year. If you have any questions, please let me or Joe know.

Look forward to seeing everyone out there shortly as road racing starts for 2017. Thanks again.


President's Message - NJBA Scheduling Meeting - 1/21/2017

I represented Somerset at the annual scheduling meeting and all teams were given a vote for the elections. The new NJBA board is Tom Mains (remains as President), Jim Bernstein (elected Treasurer), Mark Curran (elected Vice President), Bob Jaggard (remains Secretary) and Drew Davala (elected rider representative).
Here are some highlights from the meeting for information:

For Women, Category 5 has been added. Now is identical to the set up for men. There will, however, be no Cat 5s this coming season (for men or women) in State Championships. There may be Cat 5 race categories, but the perspective is to make it a true introductory category to learn skills, etc. This would be for road racing and cyclocross. Not TTs. There also will be no 9-10 yr old National Championship events. Again, may be a shorter non-championship class, but no National title.

NJBA is evaluating a 2 tier team membership that allows participating teams to have voting and other decision making rights vs those teams that just join to participate in racing Cups etc. While it would likely mean an increase for teams like us, Liberty, etc. everyone agreed that a set up like this made sense as the organization is really run by a smaller subset of teams. We'll likely pay $50.00 for this once it is approved.

For our Team Sojmerset Treasury, we expect a $260. rebate check to capture refunded Bike Reg fees for 2015 and 2016. They missed a year, so we are getting this all back now.

The Time Trial Cup will add "Para Athlete" categories to all races. Details and verbiage coming from Tom Mains. Not part of the Cup proper, but opportunities for those with disability to race. Our insurance covers this along with the other pieces of the race. Also, Eddy (Non TT) will be broken out to "A" and "B" categories based on its popularity. Cat 123 and Cat 4/5

Officials clinic is the same day (earlier in day) as the NJBA Banquet (Feb 25) in Clinton. Run through Deb Schiff.

NJBA is doing well financially, which is good so extra $$ are available if needed for hardship, various opportunities, etc. In addition, under the direction of the new CEO, same for USAC. Stable with a projection for growth. Should anyone want specific details, Tom Mains or Jim Bernstein can provide.

Lastly, we went through scheduling very efficiently. Our 4 TTs are in the calendar and the State Championship bids are being reviewed. For road events, road races are being considered for states in Hammonton, Pedricktown, and Skillman. Crits under review for championship are in Plainfield and Marlton. I believe the State Champion TTs will be in Hammonton (aero) and a new race in Kingwood/Frenchtown for Eddy (Non TT). Should learn who gets the bids shortly.

Hope this is helpful. Should you have questions, let me know. Also, you can see the current schedule on the NJBA Calendar page with races starting March 4 in Branchbrook. Quite a robust Spring Series with races in 3 locations and the Cup season starts first weekend in April.


President's Message - Year End Team update - 12/6/2016

Hope all are getting ready for the holidays and best of luck to our seven (7) riders that will be racing CX Nationals in Hartford in early January. Should be exciting. We met last night as a board, and also the junior coaches, to discuss a # of things. More to follow on the plans for the junior program and next steps. Great discussion last night and lots of contribution. Very positive plans.

We will again host four (4) Time Trials in 2017. Those dates were submitted to Tom Mains today and are similar to the dates from last year with minor changes. Always look forward to those and really need the team support to make the events run smoothly. Eric Schlauch and I are working on selecting a date for our annual awards gathering, which he graciously agreed to host again with Maggie. It will be slotted around the February 25 NJBA event at River Horse Brewery.

Robert Kowal and I are looking at vendor information to likely recommend a clothing change, but that will take some time so we get it right with fit, cost, convenience etc. For the moment, if we need anything, John Landino at DRV can help us for small orders etc. We have three large vendors we are looking at.

With the CX season all consuming late into the year and early January, we won't have many organized rides for the team until that is over. However, if Rick, myself, or others do run something, we will post it on Facebook or email. Additionally, look for our 2017 membership to be set up by the end of this year so you can renew. As I just received my USAC email on renewal, that is always a good reminder.

Lastly, we'll have some sponsor changes at end of year as Efinger closed, as well as Go Ryde, so more to follow on that. Many of our long time sponsors are still there. I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Thanks for a great 2016, Happy Holidays, and look forward to a great 2017 ahead.


President's Message - CX update - 11/15

Congratulations to Rick Anderson for winning the 55+ MAC title. Eric Schlauch was 7th in the 45+. With no drops in the MAC, you really have to attend every race so not always feasible with the other CX race options out there. Team Somerset was 6th overall. Great job by all. With several aging up next year and doing perhaps more MAC events, look forward to the 2017 season and our team overall may improve upon that. A single race to go in the NJ Cup (Dec 4 at Wawayanda St park) and several other tune-ups for the crew going to Nationals in Hartford.
Next up is this weekend's Supercross UCI event in Suffern, NY.

President's Message - Castelli - 10/13

Perhaps not all, but many of you know that Castelli sponsored the NJ TT Cup Series this year. That included production of some in-season custom jerseys that we (NJ TT Cup) designed, jerseys for all the Cup champions (will be given out at the NJBA Banquet) and prizes for a # of our races - including our Allamuchy and Flanders Time Trials. Shortly we are meeting with the representative there to discuss Castelli's involvement in the NJ TT Cup Series for 2017. Their representative, Phil Penman, provided me with an account/link on some of their preferred pricing for Team Somerset. This is generally for fall/winter items and open until October 30 - non custom. This isn't a price match, so, yes, perhaps you may find something somewhere cheaper, but, in general, prices given here are much lower than normal Castelli offering to the public or even internet pricing on these items.

The account is set up for you to create your own sign-in and order directly as you wish. Thought timing would be good as you stock up for the cooler weather. Robert Kowal,myself, and the rest of the board will discuss our clothing options for 2017. This year was a combination of Champion and also DRV from John Landino. Castelli has expressed interest in working with us as well as other vendors, so more to follow on this. When we consider vendors, it is, of course, all about the quality, but we need to consider timing, parameters around minimums, cost, and other factors such as ease of fitting men, women, and juniors. Thanks. Just wanted to pass this along to the team. Hope everyone is enjoying fall and good luck to all those racing through the Cyclocross season in NJ and regionally.

President's Message - Post FLANDERS TT - 8/20

Another fantastic team effort today. Great weather and just a nice day for a bike race. Our final TT of this 2016 season and they couldn't have happened without the support we have become accustomed to, so a general thanks to everyone for a great TT season.

Specifically, major thanks go to, no surprise, the Saling's and the Andre's, along with Bob Peters who, as the original promoter of this event, spends lots of time working with me, discussing and marking the course and he also helped with course set up and marshaling today. In addition to Joe helping with much of the equipment around the course, he also helped be obtain and arrange a good portion of the prizes, do course set up, and be a general sounding board for me on a variety of issues. Dottie was there, as usual, handling the finances, registration and also being a presence at the registration area while the race was going on and we were all either helping or racing.

Kudos to John Andre for helping with marshaling, various tasks, and also securing a few additional marshals for me. John was away all week seeing his son, Perry, off to school and came in very late last night, but was at the race bright and early. Tracy did a great job at registration, marshaling, handing out prizes, and fielding various questions. Not sure what we would do with out these amazing people and supporters.

At registration early this morning, Dottie, my wife Fran, Tracy, and Betty were helping and Betty brought the usual round of goodies for all. Herman came as well to marshal. Additional supporting marshals today were Pieter D, Pat Gellineau, Michael Harrison, Eric Schlauch, Jody Serra, and their riding buddy Mike. In their standard spots, Rod Murray did a great job as the holder and Ken Drake a the Whip. Lastly, thanks to Efinger for getting us a portion of the prizes and also Castelli for the Cat 4 Women and Senior Women.

Thanks again for making this a great time trial season and we appreciate all of the support. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

President's Message - FLANDERS TIME TRIAL - 8/8

Hope all had a good weekend. A few additional volunteers did trickle in, but still in need of a few more for Flanders. Circuits do present that challenge. If you are around, and available, the morning of August 20 for a couple of hours, would be appreciated. Some additional corner marshals needed. Vest, flag, and goodie bag included!! Coming to the close of the NJ road racing season over the next month through Labor Day. Hard effort at the Jersey Devil from some of the team and Pinecone RR coming up this weekend.


President's Message - Final 2016 Promotions - 7/30

Hope all are enjoying the summer with family and getting in lots of riding, racing, and other fun things!! Down the homestretch of the road season and Somerset's last promotions are August 20 at Flanders TT and September 3 for the Skillman Wheel Races. We have a larger need for support at Flanders due to the course structure and corner help needed. I am fine with the overall organization, approvals, and infrastructure (registration, timing, holder, Whip). Am in need, however, of marshals for race day on the corners. Ideally, I like to have 8, since a few of the turns require a couple of people. Thus far, only have a couple. If you are available and can help that morning (August 20) for 90 minutes or so, would be greatly appreciated. We run great events, due to the support of this team, so I always want the race to be well marshaled and safe, so I can ensure that other things run smoothly at the registration area etc. Help, of course, is always never taken for granted. So thanks again.

Once Flanders is done, Joe will be reaching out on our last team promotion at Skillman for any assistance needed that morning. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

President's Message - Happy 4th Weekend & 7 weeks to Flanders - 7/1

Wanted to wish everyone a great long, relaxing, and safe July 4 weekend. Been a very busy road race season and lots going on with the team. The USAC Amateur road championships are running this week and finishing up this weekend in Louisville. We are in full gear with junior training and racing, and next weekend several of the team will be tackling the Giro Del Cielo Stage Race. After all the excitement of the Masters Nats and our team 80th Anniversary celebration at the Tour of Somerville, all have been very busy. I have been away for business, vacation, and juggling a bunch of things (like many).

We have our final time trial at Flanders on Saturday, August 20 (7 weeks away). This will not be our last promotion for the year, but it is the last one that requires a significant team support. I like to gauge in advance those available to help (and give you some notice). The Flanders Circuit requires a dozen or so people to make it run effectively and safely. Please let me know if you are available that morning for a couple of hours. I will need the usual Whip, holder, and marshals for each of the corners. Goodie bags and extra bonus points are, of course, part of the deal.

Thanks again for all your help this year and let's close out the season in style. If you have any questions or need additional detail on anything, please let me know.

President's Message - SOMERSET CIRCUIT TIME TRIAL - 4/28

Our third promotion for the season is coming up next weekend. The Time Trial Cup is progressing very well (High Point this coming weekend) and we hope to have another great day on May 7 in Readington when Somerset is back as the host. Brian is away on business in Hawaii (you can ask him when he gets back on Monday how much business he actually did there, LOL). Seriously, he asked that I connect with everyone as internet was spotty there, and we didn't want to wait until next week to get things rolling,

We have a couple of volunteers that stepped forward already, but this race requires quite a bit of "person" support, so if you are available on Saturday, May 7 for a few hours, would be great for the team and ensure a successful and safe event as always. We have timing, results, course set-up, and registration pretty well set up as one of the BMVelo boys will be there and my wife Fran is also coming with the greyhounds, and Joe and I will ensure that course set up is done!! I know that Betty, Dottie, and Tracy have also been so helpful when help is needed around registration as well. Our holder is also set (thanks Rod). The largest need, as always, is for marshals and a Whip. With all the turns on this challenging Circuit, we always want to make sure all are covered.

If you are available the morning of May 7 to help (meeting at Readington School around 7:00-7:15ish), would be much appreciated. Vests and flags, and goodies included. By 9:30, you will be done. You can let me, Brian, or Joe know. I know that the juniors will be riding the course, etc. so feel free to let one of the coaches know if a parent is available to help.

Thanks again and we want to keep our string of very strong, well supported, promotions going. Good luck to all racing at High Point and BLP this weekend. Brian is back from his trip on Monday if you want connect with him directly.

President's Message - ALLAMUCHY TIME TRIAL - 4/16

A wonderful day at Allamuchy today for our second time trial promotion in 7 days. Perfect weather and all went as well as we could have wanted/asked. These events don't happen by chance, as it is a real team effort and a lot of work that starts in January/February when permits and registration items are set up. A large thanks, as always goes to Joe and Dottie Saling. They covered a lot of ground from helping at registration/payouts, with prizes, setting up the course, advising on course decisions, etc. Can't thank them enough. Additionally, Bob Peters, as the creator of the course, helped with our pre-ride, managing a lot of the course material, marking roads, setting up course, etc. Steve Reed was a marshal and also helped with course set up. The Andre's, as always played a significant role with John as the Whip, and also recruiting marshals and talking to the locals to advise them that the race was happening. Tracy managed the turnaround plus prize delivery.

Rod Murray did a stellar job as the holder and Betty helped at registration and baked her usual marshal goodies. The first turn was handled by Greg and Maria Schutske, seasoned marshals. Robin Edelstein also helped at the turnaround area. Bob Peters and Frank Villani handled the Gibbs road turn and Scott Breed and Steve Reed at the final left.

Additional thanks go to both our team sponsor Efinger with prize support and Castelli, who is sponsoring the NJ TT Cup. Kudos to Marc Cianfrone and Phi Penman. Jim Bernstein managed the start lists, timing/scoring, results and USAC submission.

With connection to the parks, towns, NJ State Police, etc, Allamuchy has a lot of touch points, so the help is appreciated in keeping riders safe, on course, and to efficiently run the event. This team never ceases to "step up to the plate" when needed. Thanks again. Look forward to seeing many at Sandy Hook tomorrow, and also at our next team promotion on May 7 at the Somerset Circuit.
Thanks again for all of the support.

President's Message - CAPE MAY TIME TRIAL - 3/14/2016

Hope all are enjoying the nice "spring like" weather thus far in March. We certainly hope it continues. Racing has started in NJ and the Cup seasons begin in April, along with the TT Cup on April 10 at Cape May. Somerset is fortunate to host the first 2 races of the NJ Cup this year with Sandy Hook moving to April 17. I did get back a few positive responses in February to my note, but wanted to circle back. Certainly, Cape May comes first and then we will need more support at Allamuchy on April 16 as it includes turns and the circuit set-up. Jim Bernstein is coming that day to do the timing and results, but usually having at least one person at registration area from the team is important during the race, to oversee things, etc. I have a holder (Rod), but am still in need of a #of marshals. Let me know if you can be available for a couple of hours that morning and we'll be sure to get you some good bonus points, a goodie bag, and of course, much appreciation.
Thanks again for all of the support.