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7/30/2018 - Flanders Time Trial Support, States, Nats

Great week of racing at Nationals for our own Noah Granigan and Team Somerset junior team (great job), topped off with a few state champions at the Eddy TT this weekend (Sally and Aidan). Congrats to all on some spectacular racing and now we are gearing up for our last team promotion at Flanders on Saturday, August 11. This event is the "next to last" race in the NJ TT Cup Series and also in the Garden State Cup for 3 categories. Thanks to those who volunteered already and getting close to what we need, but I could use 2-3 more marshals if possible to ensure a safe and successful event. If you are available (and haven't already responded), please let me know. Look forward to seeing you there and hope all enjoy the rest of the summer.


7/6/2018 - Independence Day & Flanders Time Trial Support

Hope all enjoyed the first July 4 holiday weekend (and best on this one coming up) and summer is going well. Good luck to those racing the Giro Stage Race this coming weekend also and competing in road, track, and MTB events to date. First, thanks to all that volunteered and made our first three (3) team promotions a success in the spring this year.

Now, as we all know, there is one last team promotion for the season at Flanders, and we want it to be a good one. About 5 weeks out, but based on busy summer schedules, vacations, and a "non-junior category" event, I wanted to gauge support for the day. It is Saturday, August 11 and we will need the usual array of support at the parking area, start line, and marshals a long the way. Not quite as many as Somerset Circuit, but a decent amount to ensure safety and have this be a well run event. We have taken care of all the other preparations and working through any that still need to be done.

If you are available that day, for a couple of hours in the early morning, please let me know. We want to do the best job possible promoting the TT and Garden State Cup event. This year, Flanders in in the Garden State Cup for the 35+, 55+, and Senior Women categories, in addition to being the next to last event in the Time Trial Cup. In advance, appreciate your support and enjoy the rest of the summer.


5/11/2018 - Memorial Day

The team will have a tent in the Team Zone on Main St. in Somerville. It is a space where our racing members can prep for and recover from their races. It's 10'x10'. You can hang out if there's room.
You will need to provide your own chair and comforts.

There is also a bike swap/flea market on Davenport St. If you're interested in a 10x10 space it's $50. Let me know.
Team Somerset is managing both these sites.This involves marking the spots and making sure people set up in the correct spot. The team will get 30% of the income for our efforts. Several members have volunteered to help, but I have gaps in the schedule.
I need at least one person for each 8-10, 10-12 and 9-11. If you can help please contact me. I would like to finalize the schedule by Tuesday.

Have a great weekend.

5/5/2018 - Somerset Circuit Time Trial 2018 - in the books, and thanks!!

As we completed our 3rd time trial since April 8, wanted to say thanks to all who lended a hand, before, during and after. Apologies if we missed each other early. A little drama with the start books and timing, but all worked out. Our home course, but a substantial effort to get this done. Results have been posted to USAC and the fancier version on our web page shortly. Full "shout-outs" and thanks go to Joe and Dottie Saling as always. List may be too long to put here, but everything from initial planning to course set-up, marking, and take down, as well as junior roll out and handling many items around registration and the start/finish. Dottie and my wife, Fran, helped us work through a quick registration when #s came late, get some information to marshals etc. It was nice to see Jill Drake there also helping and thanks. Fran, of course, helps me through a # of things getting these races set up and stayed through prizes as did many. Joe's help in both getting the prizes and helping to give them out was appreciated, and Dottie's managing of our Finances with USAC, BMVelo, etc. Betty also came and brought the usual array of goodies and things to help support our registration and team effort.

Thanks to Rod for holding as always and donating some books as prizes. Also, Ken Drake and Manny Alvarez did a great job as the Whips getting riders to the line. Our shop sponsor POPS and Marc C helped us to secure some late prizes, as well as Tom Roth.

Tremendous help also from Bob Perlee going back to the flyer, start lists, results, web updates, etc.

Many thanks to others who took their time to come out and marshal, a group of whom come out quite often. Seeing the # of turns shows how much support we do need for a safe and successful event This included:
John Andre, Herman Storms and Matt Bruno (bridge turn)
Frank Villani - Sunset Rd
Eric Schlauch - Old York Rd
Marc Perrault - Craig Rd
Rand Jerris - Pleasant Run
Robert Kowal and Mark Urbanowicz - Cole Rd
Maria and Greg Schutske and Paul Tippett - Bridge Turn to Holland Brook
Bob Peters and Pieter D - Final turn to Roosevelt

I know we had 1-2 people calling out #s at the end. Think it was Tim and/or George (thanks to one or both).

Quite an effort all around and proud to have this team run these type of events which have become the "gold standard" of the NJ TT Cup Series. Lots of Cup to go, but we'll be back in August for the Flanders TT. Building off the names here, several people did multiple things such as clean up, putting up banners, signs, canopies, etc. If I missed anyone, apologies, but wanted to recognize all for the hard work done today.

Enjoy Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and the rest of your weekend.

4/22/2018 - Somerset Circuit TT Help - Saturday May 5

Hope all are doing well and, yes, finally, beginning to enjoy the spring weather. After a week's breather, we have one more team spring time trial to focus on - our home event in Readington, the Somerset Circuit - on Cinco de Mayo. I am biased, but think it is the best course in the Series. Believe it or not, it will be year 12 of this event. After a couple of successful April promotions, would like to close out the spring in style. However, a technical and difficult course, that requires more help. I have some individuals that have volunteered already, but wanted to ask for the usual marshal support that day. If you are available for a couple of hours on a spring morning, would certainly be appreciated.

I have registration, course set-up, and all the other organizational things covered. Looking like I have a handful of marshals so far and Rod and Ken at their usual spots. Please let me know if you can help that day and it will certainly help us toward a safe and successful promotion. Thanks again for all that you do to make these events successful.


4/18/2018 - Tour of Somerville

Dear Team Members,

Our founder, Pop Kugler, started this race in 1940. It was promoted by the Somerset Wheelmen for 28 years before other organizations took over the responsibility to continue this great Memorial Day tradition. This year marks the 75th anniversary of "The Kentucky Derby of Cycling". Non-racing supporting events have been added to help celebrate the USA's longest continuous bike race. Team Somerset/Somerset Wheelmen have been asked to help support these efforts by coordinating Team Zone (10'x12' spaces on Main St. before the finish line) and the flea market area. This involves marking areas for set up and making sure the designated areas match the team/people that paid for spots. Team Somerset will be provided a free spot in the Team Zone and 30 per cent of the income generated from the sale of these sites. I will need 6-8 people 7:30 a.m. - 9 a.m., 6 people 9-11, and 3-4 in 2hr shifts for the remained of the day. Both areas provide excellent viewing of the races. Please volunteer to support the event our club founded way back when and add funds to the team's treasury.


4/14/2018 - Allamuchy 2018 - A Note of Thanks

Our second team promotion time trial within the week in the books, and another successful overall team effort from Team Somerset. Thanks so much for making this a success and we could not have ordered better weather, nor would this have been successful without the group effort. Perfect racing weather and 75-80 by the afternoon. A lot to be thankful for in one week and the Somerset Circuit to go on May 5 to close out our "spring series" of TTs.

As results are now out and TT people are now looking to High Point for the next race, I just wanted to thank those who helped make today successful:
  • Joe Saling- can't even begin to cover what Joe did but his help with course set up/cleanup , prize organization, financials, and final corner marshaling were much appreciated. Joe also was very helpful as a sounding board and advisor on many things for the TT organization as a whole. Dottie was unable to make the race today, unfortunately, but helped behind the scenes and also set up our checks and other financial items. She was certainly missed and we hope to see her back soon.
  • At the start line we had Ken Drake and Manny Alvarez setting up and calling riders to their start, Rod Murray as the holder and John Andre' as support at the starting area. John also scanned the course and notified local residents early of the event.
  • First turn to "Shades of Death" marshals Greg and Maria Shutske - staples in our effort, Frank Villani and Jan Curran at the turnaround, Bob Peters and Rand Jerris at the Gibbs road turn and Allamuchy resident Abby Christmann and Joe Saling on the final left turn back to Long Bride Road. Bob also helped with course set up and advisory items leading up to the TT and Frank Villani helped also review and clean up the course.
  • Back at the registration and prize area, Ron Koller was a big help with directing cars, overseeing things at the Pavillion and helping me with the important prize distribution. Also, much thanks to Betty Tyrell for help at registration and all the goodies she brought for everyone. Delicious.
  • Prizes came to us with the help of Marc Cianfrone at Pops Bike Shop and also Castelli who sponsors the TT Cup Series

Bob Perlee, our webmaster also was crucial to our overall effort in help with me setting up our flyer, website updates, start times, and results. Thanks so much Bob.

Apologies if I forgot anyone here as it was a huge effort and lots going on today. Truly a special team and we work together to put forth successul events such as this. A couple down for 2018 and Somerset TT and Flanders to go. Thanks again and let's hope for more fun spring bike days like today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


4/13/2018 - Allamuchy TT and Support

Quite pleased with 188 riders tomorrow and perhaps our biggest TT turnout for a Somerset event in many years. Weather looking good and looks like we have the course, corners, books, marshals, etc. covered. With my wife traveling and a few of our usual registration area managers not likely to be available tomorrow, if either one of the team or parents (not already helping) could help out for a couple of hours, would be appreciated. Jim Bernstein has the books and bulk of registration covered, but we have quite a few new riders, "one-days" and I just anticipate some additional questions. The request would likely be to hang out at the pavillion in good weather, have some of Betty's cookies, oversee our spot where we stash prizes, and direct people to a spot, official, me, etc. And I like to be able to efficiently get our prizes out so people can move on with their day.

If you are available, and not already helping, please let me know. While we can manage this, it is an important base to cover considering all the other work people are doing marshaling, setting up, etc.

Thanks and look forward to finally getting the spring weather we need. Let's hope for a successful event and then we can focus on Somerset's home race in Readington on May 5.

Thanks again for everyone's help and time,

3/10/2018 - Cape May TT renamed

STEVE REED MEMORIAL TT is the new name of the former CM TT. The name change is to honor Steve for being a great friend of cycling through his contribution of time and energy to the Sommert Wheelmen. He could be found either working the race or in the pack as a teammate. The Reed family supports the renaming, and SW/TS will be awarding a Steve Reed Memorial trophy to the fast time of the day and the winners name will be engraved on a perpetual trophy.
Steve was a super mechanic, problem solver, US Navy Vet, and great friend.

3/5/2018 - Team Somerset Spring Promotions and Support Needed

Great seeing many of you at the team party on Saturday night and some also on our long Sunday team ride (finally the Sunday weather cooperated). As road racing begins, the TT Cup is a little less than 4 weeks away. For our first promotion in Cape May, based on the location, Joe Saling will be reaching out for the support separately, so look for his communication. I would also like to gauge our support for both Allamuchy (Saturday April 14) and the Somerset Circuit (Saturday, May 5). Both require more in terms of resources, and the "Circuit", of course, the most.

If you are available, and able to assist for a couple of hours on either day (or both), please let me know. Generally, we have registration, parking, timing/results, and most of the logistical race items handled between Joe/Dottie, myself, Bob Peters, BMVelo and the Andre's. However, of course, my biggest need is for corner marshals for the races ( they are essential and so critical in helping us to run a successful and safe event). Also, holder and Whip. Please let me know if you can help out. Estimate time is 7:15-7:30 for instructions, flags, and goodies and the races should be done by 9:30. Thanks again for all of your support.


3/5/2018 - STEVE REED

Last Saturday a very close friend of mine and a former Somerset Wheelman, Steve Reed, passed away. He and I had some great times together over the years, We trained together, traveled to races and raced together and visited the object of another love of his, Navy ships, together. He almost had me convinced that we should volunteer to be guides on the aircraft carrier Intrepid which is berthed in New York City. Reunions with his shipmates from his Navy days were a particularly important part of his and his wife Dorothy's life. He was a great mechanic and motorcycle and auto enthusiast. He completely restored a classic motorcycle and a Triumph sports car. Several times I ran across something I was unable to deal with on our RV or one of our vehicles and Steve always jumped in and rectified the problem.

Steve was always quick to volunteer to marshal or do any other job that needed doing at the Team Somerset promotions. He grew up in the Cape May area, Green Creek I think. When I said we were doing a tt in Cape May Court House years ago he quickly jumped on that. With his familys permission I think I would like to rename the Cape May Time Trial the Steve Reed Memorial.

Calling hours at the Branchburg Funeral Home, 910 Rt. 202 in Branchburg will be Thursday, March 8 from 4 to 8 PM and from 9 to 10 AM Friday, March 9 followed at 10 by a prayer service. All are welcome.

Sail on Sailor, Sail on! I will miss you.

2/7/2018 - Couple of Quick Reminders/Info

Now that we've creeped into February, hope all are doing well with training and getting ready for the upcoming season, or just enjoying riding and hoping from some spring weather. Our Sunday team ride weather hasn't really cooperated, but I do expect that warmer weather will help us get out as the season is in the distance. Earlier for those looking to do some criteriums, and about 7-8 weeks to the Time Trial Cup.

February 24 will be the NJBA Banquet down in Belmar this year at Beach Haus Brewery. The following Saturday (March 3) is our team awards party at Eric Schlauch's house. If you are planning to attend, please do RSVP to Eric and we will certainly be sending out reminders during the month - just so they know a general count for attendance. Also, if you possess an award that needs updating and engraving for this year, please also return that to Crown Trophy in Flemington. We are finalizing our selections for this year and will be giving Jim Gano our information this week so that they have adequate time to make updates and get our award material together.

Lastly, our spring events (time trials) are April 8 (Cape May), April 14 (Allamuchy) and May 5 (Somerset Circuit). All are permitted and up on Bike Reg for registration. Of course we'll need a lot of support for those, but more to follow as these races get closer and we'll see you all on March 3 as well to start putting together our support.

With a busy winter of work, travel, holidays, etc., didn't seem like the best time to schedule a team meeting. However, I expect as the season draws near that we will get the group together periodically after our Awards events. Look for those details. Clothing is also in production and ready to roll.

Let's make it through the balance of winter and look forward to seeing you all at these events and soon.