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1/3/2022 - Happy Holidays and Looking Forward to 2022

Just wanted to wish everyone the best as we close out the holiday season and move on to a New Year 2022. I passed along some information on our FaceBook page regarding damage sustained by Noah Granigan at his place out in Boulder, Co. during the recent weather/storms. If you can support this effort, please do. All the best to Noah. 2022 still begins with a pandemic overshadowing many things, but we always look for bright spots. Our team kept the fire and torch of racing alive in 2021 with our Time Trial Cup Series honoring our team's anniversary, and also to get NJ racers back to competition after a somewhat dormant 2020.
Noah's GoFundMe page: Link

After recently talking with our board and organizers, we intend to continue in 2022 running our time trial events in Cape May, Allamuchy, Somerset, and Flanders. As you know, these don't happen without team support and our cohesiveness as a unit. That effort is always most appreciated and the racing community applauds us for these efforts in keeping things moving, and our impeccable organization. Pending approvals, we are expecting dates to be April 10, 23, May 14 and July 16. We'll begin work and planning on the April dates shortly and will be back in touch as we move toward events. Hoping several other Cup TT events fill out the schedule.

Couple of items to share. While we certainly want to continue the tradition of supporting and building juniors on our team, we are no longer either resourced to do so comprehensively and demand, overall, has been fairly low. That being said, we will always encourage both junior riders, and new team members in general, but we just made a decision to no longer attempt to manage a formal program requiring coaches, planning, etc. It's disappointing in some regards, but we had a long successful run from the early days of the team, to the program we built. As we see talent, and those interested in joining, we'll assess going forward.

I would also like to get our winter rides back in the fold on Sundays. Several have asked and, while it will be week to week with winter weather, having a placeholder on Sundays where we can at least meet or plan would be welcome again. Several of us messaged on Facebook and I will connect with individuals interested and some of last year's planners. Generally 10am from Readington School with the route that Will shared (our classic team loop) and 2-3 hours based on where one starts. Hope we can get a good core of riders during the winter as we prepare for yet another Somerset season. We'll start organizing next weekend.

A couple of final items. As the schedule unfolds, we'll consider a clothing order and I can work with Robert on soliciting needs, as well as Larry Dudek on membership renewals. We, of course, would like to get together as a group at some point again. However, for now, we'll let the pandemic still override that and do our best to meet up and ride and do things in smaller venues. And to close, want to, of course, thank Bob Perlee for keeping me on track with reminders and all his great work on our website and also a shout out to our sponsors that helped us so much last year with prizes and backing when overall attendance for events was low. It goes without saying, but Joe and Dottie Saling have been amazing with support, input, expertise, and overall enthusiasm for this sport and team.

Have a great 2022 everyone and look forward to seeing you soon.


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