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3/12/2023 - Gran Fondo Hincapie in Lehigh Valley PA Sat., June 3

Hello all. Welcome to March, as time rolls along, and we spring forward! I wanted to pass on some information on the Gran Fondo Hincapie in Lehigh Valley. June 3 (Saturday) and it's parking and start is at the Velodrome in Trexlertowne (Valley Preferred Cycling Center). I know some of our team rode with George Hincapie many years ago, and he is out to PA to ride and promote the Gran Fondo for its 2nd run. I rode this last year. Challenging for sure, but lots of fun. There are a variety of routes as well, so this is not a race. I was thinking it might be an opportunity to get the team out to ride together in an event with a beautiful setting. If we have enough interest, can also get a team spot/location. There is a discount code here which takes 30% off. I do have a few free entries which I am holding and will provide them once I know who is interested in riding and leaning toward some of our team VIPs and big time volunteers. I realize that even with 30% off, it's still $150. However, it is a fully supported ride and includes a custom jersey + food during and after + a few laps through the Velodrome at the end. Only caveat is that we need to have people register by April 30. I just wanted to ensure all knew about the opportunity and discount. I put in a call and email to the Hincapie team so we could coordinate, so if I hear back and have more information, certainly will share it. As 3 of our 4 promotions this year will be complete, I am sure we'll all be in contact. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy St Pat's Day! If any questions, let me know. If I am correct, last year we had Erich Neise and I representing the team at the Fondo, but sorry if missed anyone.

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See you at Cape May and Allamuchy.
P.S. see the email for the Gran Fondo discount code, or contact me.

3/3/2023 - Team Spring TTs are Here - Steve Reed/Allamuchy/Somerset Circuit
(Volunteers/Marshals Appreciated)

Hello all and hope you've had a good winter thus far, and also looking for the weather to remain generally kind to us. Hard to believe, but March has arrived and we are ready to rock the Time Trial season again. Somerset is driving the TT Cup, with 4 of the 6 time trials planned thus far. Having just put the pieces together to our Cape May event (April 2) and Allamuchy (April 15), we are reaching out for some usual support. Joe will share any needs we may have at Cape May Courthouse. Generally, not a lot of resources, but anyone down that way for the event and available to help would be appreciated. For Allamuchy, on April 15. we'll need our usual contingent. I know we've had some regulars, but I like to put out the general notes as a feeler about 6 weeks out before touching base with specific people that have helped. If you are available for what will probably be 90 minutes to hours the morning of Saturday, April 15 would be appreciated. The usual help is at the start of the race, of course, and corner marshals. Not the significant need of Somerset (which is May 13), but we do always want to err on the side of having enough people to support and direct. So, please let me know. Always appreciated.

In other team items, Joe/Dottie and I are still discussing getting the group together for a dinner/event in the spring. Looking for the best option and will be in touch. Membership this year will not have a cost, but you do need to sign our waiver and return to Larry Dudek. We are seeking some digital ways to do this, but, in the interim, a regular signature via mail, scan, at one of events is the best option. Lastly, we closed out a clothing order recently and look forward to the new team items coming soon.

If anyone is racing this weekend at Branch Brook Park for the opener tomorrow (3/4), best of luck and hoping we can get some good pictures for Bob and the web. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Good training, riding and Push Hard/Pedal Fast.

2/5/2023 - Updates, Events, and Race Season

Hope all are doing well as we now enter the first February week (believe it or not) of 2023. My apologies for a late communication this year as its been a busy year end all around and beginning of 2023. That being said, lots of enthusiasm to get the new year moving and would like add a couple of key links. We have renewed our USAC status items and, thanks to Larry and Robert, membership and clothing are now set up. With the past few years being tough with the pandemic, and that we are currently financially sound (let's keep our fingers crossed) collectively we decided to waive membership fees this year. You will see "0" when renewing for the membership cost. However, I don't know definitively that a Bike Reg fee won't appear, but it did not when I renewed by Lifetime Membership. Also, we do need the waiver to be completed on-line as you go through of course for insurance purposes. If questions on that process, please let Larry, Dottie, or myself know.

Additionally, clothing link is included here per Rob's prior communication. Closing date is February 12. Robert Kowal, or any of the board members, can help with questions.

Our four (4) promotions/events will be back this year on April 2 (Steve Reed), April 15 (Allamuchy), May 13 (Somerset) and July 15 (Flanders). All TTs and we are the lion's share of the NJ TT Cup Series, so proud that we are keeping that torch moving forward. Links to Steve Reed TT and Allamuchy TT below. Joe will reach out for any help needed at Cape May and I will be sending out a note beginning of March for same at Allamuchy. We look forward, again, to a successful, safe and fun run of Team Somerset TTs in 2023.

The pandemic, and other changes, have not afforded us the opportunity to do Awards gathering past few years, but Dottie and I have discussed having a team "get together" meeting/dinner during the week in mid to later March before our promotions begin. Just to be able to connect/catch up, talk about racing, our events, other items and be able to see everyone will be nice. More to follow on that. I attended the NJBA meeting last week and they are putting together the schedule of events around ours (many are in Bike Reg and in their calendar) and there is likely going to be a luncheon to provide awards for those due them from 2022 Cups. More to follow on that planned March event from Tom Mains.

For now, that is it, but more to follow certainly and hope all work through February, enjoy Super Bowl, Valentine's/President's Day etc, and look forward to seeing everyone soon as 2023 gets rolling. Best to solid training, preparation, safe travels to those in winter, and push hard/pedal fast!!

Membership: Join or Renew for 2023 via BikeReg
Please PRINT and fill-in and sign the Event Waiver and Release PDF Insurance Form
Please PRINT and mail the Membership Applicatopm PDF via USPS Membership Form - bypassing BikeReg

Clothing: Order your kit for 2023, Start Here

Steve Reed Memorial TT - April 2, Flyer
Allamuchy Time Trial - April 15, Flyer

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